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Well, that’s a wrap on release week promotion for Born and Raised. It’s so phenomenally weird to wake up this morning at home and not in the back of a bus somewhere. On the bright side, releasing this album and getting back in touch with my fans has been something I’ve been waiting to experience for a long time now. I’m finally at a place in my life where I can truly appreciate the kindness and support, and you have shown me lots of it. Thank you for that.

As I understand it, the album is set to enter the charts at number one, which is just incredible on all your parts because there has been very little I’ve been able to do to promote it. In a world of schemes and strategies when it comes to selling something, you guys just bought music you trusted you’d like. You picked it up in the same way I made it… from the heart, no trickery. That is so cool and rare and all the marketeers in the world together can’t manufacture that. I am very grateful to you. 

The making of this record was purposely undocumented, but there are a few iPhone videos and some photos to share. I figure I’ll do that here, and more often than I usually have in the past. Even if this album slides off the charts in a month, it doesn’t make it any less special to me, and we should all be digging this music together, like we would have (and will again) on stage.

Stay tuned…

with thanks and love